100 Days Down

100 Days Down

I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance for celebrating basically every milestone that comes our way in the future, but at this point in my world (and this new military wife life), these accomplishments are pretty much everything to me!

So what about 100 days?! It has been exactly 100 days since I last saw my husband, when we parted ways after our honeymoon at the airport. I was preparing to come back to America, and he was heading off on a short deployment. My heart was broken and I literally had no idea how I could survive the next couple of months without him. I had fears and doubts about where he was going, how often I would get to talk to him, and how the heck us newlyweds could make it for almost four months with all of this stress. But guess what….WE made it!

Of course I’m counting DOWN the days until I get to see my husband again, but that number is not near as telling as to how far we’ve come and the strength it took to make it through.  In less than three weeks though, I’ll be back in Europe, eating gelato, riding my bike all over Vicenza, and picking out an Italian Villa to live in for the next two years.

Numerous times in my life, I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but then I look back and realize how many times I made it through that dark, bug-filled, tunnel and I SURVIVED.

So many things have happened along the way that I thought “oh god, this is another thing that we’re going to have to deal with and I’ll never get to Italy.” But every. single. thing. has worked out in the end. Why? Because we never gave up, and I had faith the entire time. Evidence — I passed my military health screening allowing me to go overseas… my husband got approval for leave to come home for our wedding celebration… I’m selling my car instead of having to refinance which would’ve basically doubled car payments and insurance…making me debt and mortgage free at 24. Like I said, celebrating every milestone that comes my way! And YOU should too!!

I know that there will be lots more separation to come because hello it’s the army, and 100 days is nothing compared to nine months. But, we’re a team now and can make it through anything! Also, after being together for years, I’ll probably be begging him to go on another training weekend (he promised to annoy the crap out of me before leaving so I would miss him less…how thoughtful right 😉 )

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