A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives you a Fairy Tale.”

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I have never felt more loved than I have these past two weeks from all the congratulations and support that my fiancé and I have received. While it may have been a shock to so many, aka my family, it wasn’t to those that know me best and have been there every step of the way since Stephen & I first laid eyes on each other. After spending 10 days with him in Europe last Christmas, there was no doubt in my mind that he was the man I was going to marry and was the one for me. There was just something in the way that he loved me that was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Those that know me, know that I’m a strong, hard-headed, independent (perhaps too independent) woman, who loves her space. And when I found someone who could handle all of that, I grabbed onto him… worshipped him…and wouldn’t let him out of my sight.

I’m sure if you ask around, most people couldn’t pinpoint a defining moment when they knew their significant other was the one. But I did. It was right about the time that we were coming down the Austrian Alps after quite possibly the scariest and longest hike of my life.. which involved lots of tears, curse words, and questioning why I let him drag me on this trail to begin with. This was the moment I realized he was THE ONE. I had experienced more fear, adrenaline, excitement, uncomfortableness, happiness, and love in those prior 10 days than I had probably in my entire lifespan. He made me feel so alive! He convinced me to do things I’d never even considered doing before….like skiing down the steepest Alp slopes or hiking on the side of a mountain in the solid ice where I could easily have slipped and fallen to my death (I wish I was exaggerating about that).

But I’ve found a man who will constantly push my buttons (in a good way) and keep my life interesting. He gets me and my weirdness and for that, I’ll love him with everything I have.

So we’re going to do this crazy thing called getting married!! I’m gonna be a military wife! The biggest surprise of all…? Italy here I come!!!! Yep…I’m moving overseas at the end of this year. Never did I think that when I started this blog that I would live on another continent and have the opportunity to travel every day or every weekend. But hey this is my fairy tale remember 😉

There are sure to be challenges along the way but this is an opportunity that most people never get in their lifetime…the chance to live in another country…to explore the world from their backdoor…but most importantly, to be by my best friend’s side through this crazy adventure we called life.

213 days until we say I Do


Future Mrs. Bowers ❤️❤️

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