Asiago Christmas Markets: An Ageless Tradition

Asiago Christmas Markets: An Ageless Tradition

I’m so blessed to be living in Europe just in time for Christmas this year. Christmas Markets are famous throughout Italy and Europe, and my list of “to-see” markets is quite long. In Italian, a Christmas Market is called Mercatini Di Natale. They are in most of the major towns around Italy and even throughout countries like Germany and Switzerland. Asiago was the first on my list as it is only an hour drive from Vicenza. Known for its cheese and beautiful surroundings, Asiago is located in the Veneto region in Northeastern Italy.

Looking at the weather report, we saw that it had been snowing a good bit of the week, so it was guaranteed to be a beautiful drive. I never truly realized just HOW breathtaking it would be when we rounded the switchback curves and had a clear sight of Asiago. Be prepared for car sickness as these curves are not for the slight!

Crazy switchback roads in Asiago – two lanes by the way!
The snow gathered beautifully on the pines

Brr it was cold!

Where to Stay

I booked us a cheap hotel in the center of Asiago – Albergo Speranza – which was perfect for a weekend getaway. Definitely not a five-star resort (they didn’t speak English), but it was perfect for staying near the town center with free parking. This way we didn’t have to worry about driving to or from the Christmas Market. It had WiFi, a balcony, and a private bathroom.

Albergo Speranza
Interesting private bathroom in our hotel with a fold out shower wall

All the info!

The Christmas Market is located in Piazza Giovanni Carli – the main square. This year, it runs 11 November through 7 January. During the months of November and early December, they are mainly open on the weekends 10:30 – 12:30 and 15:00 – 19:00 (they close for lunch/riposo). From 22 December to 7 January, they are open every day. You can find more timetables via their website here.

At first, Christmas Markets all seem the same, but they are each unique in their own way. You will only discover this by exploring and adventuring through multiple of them. Asiago’s Christmas Market had lots of handmade items. The vendors were housed in adorable wooden huts and there was plenty of Vin Brule, pulled pork, and ornaments. They also had an assortment of winter clothing – such as scarves, toboggans, and gloves – I was super thankful for this since I didn’t have any winter clothing and could buy some right on the spot. Home decor was also plentiful, many of which included Christmas decorations, blankets, and coffee mugs.

Asiago Christmas Market

Fountain in the square all lit up at night
It’s even more beautiful with the church in the background
Warm cozy drinks ranging from hot chocolate to mulled wine all for a very reasonable price.
Enjoying our vin brule on this cold night
Pulled pork in a tortilla – delicious!!!
Zuppa di Goulash – warms you up + some Bombardini liquor

It is a joyful and merry experience even if you aren’t looking to buy anything. There’s something magical about spending an hour or two in holiday cheer with your loved one that warms the soul. It also helps when there’s snow all around you and lights decorating each of the streets throughout the night.

My husband and I decided to start gathering souvenirs from each town/city that we visit and we jointly decided on collecting snowglobes. Asiago was our first collected snowglobe and I can’t wait to grow our collection!

Our first snowglobe we collected
We loved Asiago!

I hope you have the opportunity to visit at least one Christmas Market in Europe! Let me know if you do as I’d love to hear about your experience. I’ll continue to keep you posted on our next adventures 🙂

Thanks for reading as always!! Ciao,

Summer Rae

5 Replies to “Asiago Christmas Markets: An Ageless Tradition”

  1. Lovely photos! Those trees are quite picturesque with the snow. Looks so festive which makes the holiday season even more special and enjoyable for you and Stephen! Thanks for the tour of Asiago’s Mercatini Di Natale, will certainly put it on our list. Maybe a little Christmas visit in 2018?!? <3

  2. I really enjoyed your pictures and blog on the Christmas market. I have always wanted to go to Italy and especially to Venice; so if in the future you do get to go there, take lots of pictures and I can vicariously go through you. I don’t think at this late time in life I will ever make that trip. So happy for you and Stephen that you are able to go on these wonderful trips and especially thank you for sharing them with your friends.

    1. I’ve been to Venice and it’s incredible! I will do a special post about it just for you 🙂 be on the lookout soon!! If you ever do decide to come to Venice, you always have a place to stay with us ❤️ you can bring Mamaw too!

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