Life in This Small Town

Life in This Small Town

white rustic barnThe month of November is a bittersweet one this year. With it brings birthdays, a military homecoming, Thanksgiving, weddings, and a big move. There is a lot to be grateful for — and anxious about at the same time. These last couple of months, I have learned to treasure the little things in life, like walking with my pups to get the mail each day, dining with my parents and talking about upcoming plans, and just being in the moment.

You see, before I became a world traveler, I was just a girl from a small town farm. This small community (we’re not even technically a town it’s so small) has been my permanent home for the last 25 years — through school, college, first jobs, and a first home. This house and farm that I grew up in is the one thing that has withstood it all.

guard gates north carolina
Iron gates decorated for the fall
rockin' chairs front porch
Front porch views

It was here on this farm that I spent many a morning hoeing the gardens as a kid, picking green beans, walking barefoot down the rows digging up potatoes, or sitting for hours in a deer stand…waiting for the next round of delicious venison meat to come walking out in the field. In the winters, we would sled down the hills, make snow cream, and pull each other on snow tubes behind the four-wheeler.

firewood under rustic barn
Wood has been chopped and stacked for the winter season

Driveway to the fields
reedy fork creek north carolina
Metal bridge across Reedy Fork Creek
green grass field
Cornfield for the deer
tractor pull behinds
Tractor pull behinds decorate parts of the farm
Playhouse turned hunting stand


In the summer, this field is full of vegetables

rustic red horse barn

barn quilts rustic

barn quilt north carolina
Barn quilts add so much character

family farm barns north carolina

riding pin colfax north carolina
Riding pin for the horses to train in

It was here where I learned to ride a bike, drive a car, saddle a horse, and build a fire. We collected eggs from the chicken coop for breakfast and fed the pigs scraps to fatten them up for a roast — Dad told us not to give them names because we’d become attached, but we did it anyway. When their mamas wouldn’t let them milk, we would feed our baby goats from bottles. We took in every animal that needed a home as if we were a rescue center. No animal was turned away –including Max, a sweet baby deer who thought he was a dog, and Albert, the baby goose who would often swim in the lake with us.

horses and donkeys
Animal farm | Photocredits: Brittany Butterworth Photography
deer snow north carolina pet
Max loved the snow
pet deer at back door
He would appear at the back door looking for someone to pet him
deer and dog friends
Max and his pal, Duke
apache horse north carolina
Apache is always there to say “Hey”!
horse trotting north carolina
Showing off for the camera
horse in north carolina
Lady Bug is shy around the camera
german shepherd colfax north carolina
German Shepherds always on guard

The picturesque places around the farm are one of the many reasons I’ve chosen to get married here this fall. When I leave, I will remember my last days staying on the farm as the most beautiful of them all — a wedding that I’ve dreamed about since I was a little girl with my soulmate — all in the place where my life began.  

This is and will forever be home to me. I will miss this farm, this hometown vibe, and these people. But it’s not a goodbye type of thing. It’s more of an “I’ll see you soon, Colfax.”

overlooking farm
View from above
The little shed
november leaves changing
The trees are prettier on the other side of the fence

barn white north carolina

rustic barns north carolina


As always, thanks for the support…for reading and for following my journey to all the places it has led me near and far. Please like, share, and comment if you’re feeling up to it!

fence portraits
Photo credits: Brittany Butterworth Photography



Summer Rae

2 Replies to “Life in This Small Town”

  1. I love the story because i have lived it with you .i always thought you would marry a guy. From colfax and live close by. Have me some grandbabies so i could spoil them like i did you.well plans have changed so i will
    Justt learn to like it.i know this makes you happy so thats what is important.i will always loveyou no matter where you are
    .i just wish it wouldn’t be so far away love you forever mamaw

    1. I’ll have you some grand babies when we return home, and you can spoil them all you want! We will have your room set up so you can come visit anytime you want 😘😘 love you always Mamaw

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