Where in the World Are My Household Goods?

Where in the World Are My Household Goods?

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably read my post here about packing all of my household goods up and having them shipped overseas back in September. That shipment was supposed to arrive November 27th, just one day after I did. Inside the shipment contained my winter clothes, Christmas decorations, all of our furniture – including my queen size bed with sheets and blankets. Oh and all things cookware. Well…it’s currently halfway through December and I have yet to receive my items. In fact, when I inquired about it a week ago, they had no idea where the ship was and had to send an “urgent tracer” out for it. The good news is they’ve found it. The bad news is that it won’t arrive until AFTER Christmas.

I pretty much had a huge meltdown after realizing that I wouldn’t be able to decorate for Christmas, my in-laws wouldn’t be able to stay with us for a week as originally planned, and I was sick of wearing the same clothes and borrowing my husband’s. But there was no way I was going to let this ruin my Christmas. On the same day that I found out my items were going to be so late, I went to pick up Stephen from work. Outside there were military wives and children handing out Christmas cards to those that passed by. It was such a simple gesture. But it was one that turned my day around and made an impact on my attitude. Those were the first Christmas cards we had received and one of the few decorations we now have in our home.

Holiday Christmas cards sent overseas to the military Holiday Christmas cards sent overseas to the military

Holiday Christmas cards sent overseas to the military
Heartwarming card sent from a family in America.

While I am guilty of disliking the Army sometimes, I have become very grateful to them for their plentiful resources and the way that they take care of family members.

From the Army Community Services (ACS), they have what’s called a Lending Closet. They rent out essential items like kitchenware, coffee makers, car seats, irons, among other things for free. We were able to get a kitchen kit which included tons of cookware, dishes, bowls, silverware, coffee mugs, and most importantly a coffee pot!! The next morning, I cooked a huge American breakfast with all the sausage and gravy and had my first cup of American coffee…and it felt so great doing that in OUR home.

Kitchen kit provided by ACS
Finally baking items!

There have been so many resources within the Army that have helped Stephen and I stay afloat the first couple of weeks living together. The United Service Organization (USO) has become like a second home to me. Since we still don’t have internet and it gets expensive using data and minutes constantly, I spend a lot of time at the USO where they have free internet. They also have phones you can borrow to call to the states, recliners, movies playing, coffee,  and snacks. We especially like to attend Taco Tuesday so that we don’t have to cook. It’s really a great place for soldiers and family members with a homey feel.

USO Vicenza, Italy
USO located on base – holiday spirit

I’ve also been to the library countless times to check out DVDs since we didn’t have cable for a couple weeks. They have tons of computers that you can reserve with free printing included.

Because the Army has been so good to us in certain aspects, we are giving back on Christmas day. Operation Soldiers Christmas is being held to provide Christmas lunch to the military community who don’t get the opportunity to have a home-cooked meal or spend it with their families. Stephen and I are preparing food and drinks to take to the lunch. I have also volunteered with the Red Cross to help do things around the base in hopes to show my gratitude for all that they have done to help us get settled here.

So while I am missing my family tremendously this holiday season, I’m blessed to spend it with my loved one in our home and in the most beautiful place on earth. Merry Christmas to all my followers and I look forward to continuing this journey with you in the New Year!

Basilica Palladiana - Vicenza, Italy
The beautiful basilica all lit up downtown | Basilica Palladiana
Downtown Vicenza at Christmas time – lights everywhere you look

XOXO Summer Rae

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  1. Oh that is a bummer about your clothes and decorations! It is neat that there are ways around it, like renting the stuff you’ll need, plus it’s on base. I couldn’t live without the internet! I hope your doing great, happy holidays!

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