Norway in 3 Days

Norway in 3 Days

Day 1: Oslo

After a long 15 hour trip from Charlotte, NC to Oslo, Norway, it was such a relief to be back in the familiar arms of my man! We grabbed our bags and walked over to the most gorgeous and welcoming hotel, Radisson Blu. It was so nice to be able to walk from the airport to the hotel without having to worry about transportation. The hotel was beautiful on the inside and the outside, and our room was very modern. One of the first European hotels I’ve seen that actually had a bathtub and the beds weren’t split into two!

Radisson Blu in Oslo Norway

Radisson Blu lobby in Oslo Norway  Hotel room in Radisson Blu OsloAfter a short nap from some extreme jet lag, we headed down to the hotel’s restaurant for a delicious and much-needed dinner. I had the chicken breast with juicy cherry tomatoes and pea purée with a wonderful glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. It was so nice to have a waiting staff that spoke English (that was very rare to us on our first trip).

After we were full and happy, we settled into our hotel room where Stephen insisted we watch Troll Hunters….totally seemed like a terrible movie during the first 5 minutes, but it actually turned out to be great. Thanks to him, I now believe in trolls and everywhere I see a patch of trees torn down in Norway, I blame it on the trolls HA! Four hours of sleep before our next big adventure….

Day 2: Flåm 

4:15 am bright and early Friday morning. We pack our bags and head over to the airport where we catch a flight on quite possibly the smallest plane I’ve ever taken (and scariest and bumpiest).

runway sogdnal jumper plane

We flew into a very small airport in Sogndal, hopped on a bus from the airport to a different bus station in Sogndal, where we had to transfer to another bus in order to get to Flåm. (Yeah, a lot of confusing traveling but that’s how Europe is when you don’t have a car).

airport sogdnal norway

This bus ride was awesome because it required taking a ferry and we were able to get off the bus and go up top for a great view of the fjords.

views of flam norway

flam norway

boyfriend and I in norway

Fun fact about Flåm….it has a population of about 350 people, but it receives about 450,000 visitors a year between the famous Flåm Line railway and cruise ships.

We arrived around 0915 so we had the whole day left to explore. We started by dropping our bags off at our hotel Flåm Marina & Apartments.

flam marina & apartments

flam marine hotel room

flam marina apartment

View of the fjords from our kitchen window

flam marina key

The temperature change from Oslo to here was quite a difference, so we adjusted our gear, grabbed hiking equipment, and set out on the road.

hiking flam

Me: "Don't climb on things, you'll fall and hurt yourself." Stephen: "Look what I can do!"

river in flam norway

housing in norway

Our first stop was the very old Flåm Kirke (church) built in the 1600s. The tombstones dated back to the 1700s; it was incredible.

flam church

We continued on to the Rjoandefossen Waterfall where we climbed a bit of the way up… until I was too afraid that a bear or other animal was going to jump out of a cave and eat me….. so we turned back around.

beautiful flam roadways

moss forests of norway
Watch out for trolls!

Rjoandefossen Waterfall Norway

norway exploring

climbing rocks of norway
Can you spot the daredevil climber??

roads in flam norway

waterfalls norway

norway waterfalls

hiking flam

moss forests flam


10 miles later after we had hiked to our heart’s content, exhausted and hungry, we headed back to our hotel for a power nap then dinner. We almost missed dinner after napping too long. The thing about Flåm is that when we awoke at 2145, the sun was still up and we didn’t even realize how late at night it was. We hurried to get into one of the most popular breweries in the town, which of course was already closed by the time we got there. By chance, we wandered into one of the few other hotels and asked if there was any way we could still get a quick dinner and they welcomed us with open arms. We were sooo grateful to the Fretheim Hotel because we were quite hangry at this point. They didn’t just give us a quick meal….we got the full treatment. I had the meat of the day: tender, delicious, and juicy reindeer!! A great way to stuff our faces after an active day.

reinder freithem hotel norwaydessert at freithem hotel

Day 3: Back to Oslo

Saturday morning it was time to make our way back to Oslo, but first food! We grabbed breakfast at Flåm Bakeri where they had amazinggggg cinnamon rolls and meringues. Our train didn’t leave for a couple of hours so we grabbed a glass of wine at the Toget Cafe (very very pricey cafe). So many things were closed for the season which made shopping hard. Most of the sweatershops and souvenir stores were closed down. The highly recommended Ægir Brewery & Pub is only open for dinner during this season from 1800-2100. If we were to visit again, I would want to stay in the Fretheim hotel and go on the Fjord Boat trip during the day.

We took the Flåm Line railway from Flåm to Myrdal and Myrdal to Oslo. The views along the way were worth every penny and minute of the seven-hour ride. The train took us up through the mountains where it was nothing but a blanket of snow. We passed frozen lakes, cross-country skiers, huskies pulling snow sleds, snowmobiles, and the perfect views. Pictures couldn’t even do this ride justice.

flam railway

switchback roads norway

norweigan waterfalls

flam railway to oslo

riding the railway

waterfall selfie

winter in norway

cross country skiiers
Cross Country skiers in Norway

beautiful red barn in norway snow

norway snowmobile winter
Snowmobiles in the distance

Our last stop was in the actual city of Oslo where we had a couple hours to explore downtown and the Opera House.

Oslo Opera House
incredible architecture at the opera house in Oslo, Norway

church in Oslo

clock tower Oslo, Norway

Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you to one day visit Norway. Until next time…



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