Perks of Being a Teacher

Perks of Being a Teacher

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…you don’t read many articles about the perks of being a teacher anymore. Everything is always so negative when it comes to this profession. But, in my experience and in this case, there are many perks.

Teaching high school kids is far from a piece of cake. We’re less than 10 years apart in age so I have a very different style of teaching. Some days I think “holy mother father what have I gotten myself into”…other days I want to squeeze them and freeze time because I’m so proud of them, and some days I just laugh uncontrollably because of the crazy things they’ve said. Every day is different. There is never a dull moment in my classroom. But being young and open to my students, we’ve always talked about my travels and let me tell you…we have had some very insightful conversations.

I always share with them where I’m going, when I’m going, and of course, they know who I’m going to see (they’re nosy teenagers and they love to talk about relationships). I have a group of girls who come in and ask for the countdown until I leave for Norway and even though I could say “24 hours less than the last time you asked me”, it’s the fact that they care so much and I give them the exact days and hours until my plane leaves (1 day 4 hours as of right now in case you were wondering)! I keep pictures around my room of places I’ve been and souvenirs, like the Eiffel Tower from when I visited Paris in January. They became so fascinated, in fact, that I scheduled a trip through EF tours to take a group of my students this coming July to Switzerland and Italy so they can experience for themselves some of the places I have shared with them!!! (96 days and counting)

Anyways, back to these insightful conversations…keep in mind that this is the same small town high school that I went to and had very little knowledge about the world outside. When Stephen sent me roses for Valentine’s Day to school, one kid asked how in the world did the roses survive from the time he bought them at the grocery store in Europe all the way across the ocean……. I couldn’t control my laughter at that point. A student also asked me to bring him a baguette back from Italy. Yeah, sure kid, let me just carry that on the plane with me. I’m sure the person sitting beside me wouldn’t mind me hitting them with a loaf of bread for 10 hours. Long story short, I’m teaching the youth of America about florists and airplane etiquette, not math. (Just kidding if my principal is reading this :)!!)

Even with the bad days, I love my job and I love my kids. I miss them like crazy when I’m gone but I love sharing my adventures with them when I return. This is my last blog post before I head to Norway so stay tuned for lots of pics and posts to come!!!


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