So who is this girl?

So who is this girl?

***Update: This was my very first post that I wrote back in March of 2017. I hope that you will read this post first to get an idea of my why for blogging. Oh how far I’ve come in a few short months and how much my life has changed…but you’ll see if you keep reading my posts 😉 so sit back and enjoy!***

Yall I’m so excited for all the things happening in my life and I felt that the best way to share them was through blogging! I’ve become a huge fan of reading through travel blogs to find out information about places I’m travelling to and I thought…why not start a blog about my own travels?! So here it goes.

Last December was the first time I’d ever left the United States and it was the most eye-opening experience of my life. It was all for a boy (minor detail), but nonetheless I learned so much about myself and the world. I grew up in a very and I mean very small town. Like where we didn’t get our first stop light until I was a sophomore in college…Anyways, most people in my small town have never traveled outside of the country. It was a huge deal for my family and I, so of course my parents (even though I’m 24) were worried sick. My mom stayed up all night long watching my 6 hour flight path from Chicago to Brussels…bless her heart.

Boarding my flight out of the country for the first time!

Long story short…and don’t worry you’ll get lots of details of my trip in later posts…but I caught the travel bug and now I’m in love with the world and with exploring. Just this year alone I have been to Europe twice and in 15 days I’m packing up my bags and headed to Norway! Lots more posts to come and of course there will be lots of pictures, details, and itineraries for all those interested in maybe exploring some of these places one day. Stay tuned

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