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The First 48 Hours Living in Italy

Whew… it has been a complete whirlwind since the moment we landed in Venice at 0900 on Monday morning. We finally made it to our new home around 1630 after an hour bus ride and waiting for a rental car to become available so we could move all 7 of our suitcases to the house.

In these last couple of days, I have come to LOVE many things about life in Italy. Heated floors and light switches by the bed are possibly the best things since sliced bread. So is my husband who let me sleep for three hours but then drug me out of the house to go get takeout Chinese and do some grocery shopping on our first night here…especially when all I wanted to do was lay in bed and wallow in my exhaustion and emotions.

I’m also extremely thankful for many things and people in my life who have prevented me from becoming homesick…like my dad who sends me a million pictures of my dog daily so that I know he’s surviving without me. And my mom who sends me her work schedule for the day so I don’t think she’s ignoring my messages, and answers my FaceTime calls at any time of the day (even before she’s brushed her hair, getting a giggle out of me). I’m thankful for my friends who have asked a million and one questions about my life here so far, showing how much they truly do care and haven’t forgotten about me YET!

People can knock the military all they want, but it’s no greater feeling than moving to another country with no internet, necessities, or a car, and being able to get these things from the Military Base. We were able to rent a car for a week, I went to the library to use the computer and print things for FREE, recharge my phone minutes, and buy groceries and house essentials all at the same place. Also, I’m sitting at the USO writing this blog while watching a Christmas movie in a recliner… and snacking on free food and drinks.

While I am upset that my household goods (aka all my winter clothes, furniture, Christmas decorations, etc.) are delayed and won’t arrive for another month, the army will reimburse certain items that we have had to buy to make it through the next month. Luckily my sweet husband and I wear the same size shirt so I’ve stolen his sweaters and coats for the last few days! We were able to rent a bed and some necessary furniture for free through the army in the meantime.

Thank you thank you to everyone that has emailed, WhatsApp’ed, Facebook’ed and Instagrammed me over the last couple of days. Without internet at our home, it is hard to always respond as it uses up minutes, but just know that I am SO grateful and will respond in due time <3 I look forward to sharing our upcoming travels – this weekend we are heading to visit the Asiago Christmas Markets (it’s now snowing there!!!!) so make sure you’re following along on all social media accounts!

Ciao Ciao

Summer Rae


  • Leslie Nichole

    That’s awesome! I’m glad your settling in for the most part. That is pretty amazing with all those helpful perks. I’d love to move out of the country but I’d have no idea where to begin, my travel bucket list is overflowing. Hopefully you can get a little bit of rest while waiting for things to fall in place. I can’t wait to see the Christmas market!

    • Summer

      Omg that’s how my bucket list is! Like where do you even start! I need someone to plan my trips for me and tell me to go here on this weekend haha. I’ll post lots of pics from the Christmas Market 🙂 thanks for reading

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